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How to convert 5V Analog Sensor Output value to 3.3V Analog Value for NodeMCU

If you like to DIY Arduino mini projects, there are many selection of micro-controllers in the market such as Arduino UNO, nano, mega, and nodeMCU. Sensors and modules are among the components normally attach to micro controller for data collection and measurement from environment. Typically there are 2 basic types of inputs and outputs to […]

How to measure DC and AC current using HSTS016L Hall Effect Current Transformer

https://youtu.be/DWELwaMy2CQ Arduino Starter Kit It is a complete set which include most of the components you need to start Arduino Projects. Kindly support us by grabbing one set at our affiliate link here !!! Today’s blog is about how to use HSTS016L Hall Effect Current Transformer to measure AC and DC current. As you may know, standard […]

How to combine values from 2 NodeMCU using Bridge Widget using Blynk App for Online Monitoring

There are many fun projects related to Internet Of Thing (IOT). It allows user to execute remote command or store data online for remote monitoring. Two famous application of IOT are the Smart Home Automation and Online Monitoring System. Blynk is a Web Server Provider that offers user with free* Web Server channels. Each project […]

How to combine 2 PZEM meters together using Blynk App for NodeMCU

https://youtu.be/s7KWjkpZSOQ PZEM meters are Energy Meters from Peacefair. Peacefair is a very famous Chinese brand with good quality and price that specialize in Metering products. They came out with many types of Energy Meters. Most user friendly plug and play meter would be the meter with the LCD display attached. They are cheap and without […]

How to add or increase Serial Ports for NodeMCU using ESP Software Serial Library.

https://youtu.be/yg9p82MbLMQ There are typically 3 communication protocols in Arduino or NodeMCU boards which are UART, SPI and I2C. If your Arduino project requires communication between modules or other micro controllers, you will regularly heard of these 3 terms. Before going further, let’s have a look on the 3 Common Communication Peripherals as below: NodeMCU micro-controller The […]

Copy Value from Website using ThingHTTP app by ThingSpeak and NodeMCU micro controller

On my previous blog page, we have discussed on how to setup and signup the ThingSpeak internet broker for storing sensors’ measurement values onto the web server so that we can monitor real time and historical data when we need to. We can use ThingView smartphone app to monitor the real time data and historical […]

Data Logging (Internet of Thing) via ThinkSpeak using NodeMCU board

https://youtu.be/2qCgQMiar0s Data logging is very important in Solar PV Application. Normally most of the Solar PV System (on-grid) and high end (Off-Grid) provides app or software for real time and data logging function by the inverter’s manufacturer so that user can trace back the generation pattern of the system and also user can monitor the […]

Real Time Monitoring & Execution (Internet of Thing) via MQTT using NodeMCU board

https://youtu.be/SVARcyVj-K4 Everybody wants to monitor and executes switching or dimming remotely anytime and anywhere. It is well known as Internet of Things (IOT). It refers to unlimited of physical devices around the world that are connected to the internet, collecting and sharing data. With the access of identical and unique channel, all devices can be […]